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  • Spirituality, religion, Universal Laws and other related topics
  • The online campus of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics. The site contains a brief history of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics and its founder James (Jim) Renford Powell. It has a section for authors interested in publishing a book, website, CD, DVD, etc. This part of the website is called IAMPress I also introdues its visitors to the Church of Revelation or COR. This site is three sites in one. This site contains information about the following Universal law, laws, Metaphysics, Law of attraction, Law of relativity, COR, IAM, IAMPress, Author, Founder, Jim, Powell, Bible, email, package, Renford, Applied, Institute, Online Classroom, philosophy, unity, absolute, abundance
    balance, karma, self help, self development, marketing, books, CD, DVD, sales


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