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  • Night Search Radio, hosted by Tennessee MUFON's State Director Eddie Middleton, is the preeminent home of paranormal radio with an impressive library of online interviews including high profile, well respected researchers, multiple disciplines, ancient technologies, esoteric knowledge, alien contact and the UFO phenomenon. The shows are recorded in audio format and made immediately available to our listeners anywhere in the world via Blog Talk Radio and Untamed Dimensions Radio. Our listeners get a chance to hear world class investigators in dialogue on important issues regarding UFO research, psychic phenomena, ghostly hauntings and much more. Our listeners have total free access to all shows. If you can find a better deal than this on any other paranormal radio show, please let us know. Night Search Radio is also the home of Tennessee MUFON.
  • Tennessee MUFON chapter official website. Tennessee MUFON updates, Mutual UFO Network news, TN MUFON events, live UFO chat, scientific UFO investigation.

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