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Thursday July 21, 2016, 6:30 – 8:00PM EDT

This is a time of reflection and renewal for us and for our nation.  This weeks special guest is: Dr, Akil Khalfani – Professor, Director of  the Africana Institute – Essex County College, Actor, Author, Sociologist.  Dr. Khalfani will discuss the crucial importance of  our society (especially Blacks) addressing, head-on, the racist acts being overtly imposed on African Americans.  We will also discuss (with proposed solutions) the related overall turmoil affecting everyone in our society.  Co-moderating/hosting with Darryl Clark this week will be Mr. Kevin Porter (author, engineer, Executive Director of ‘Man Made Mentoring’, and educator).  Kevin will help weigh in on the specific current state of African Americans (who are statistically disproportionately impacted by these societal pressures) with a focus on solutions.  You will want to catch this interview especially if you influence Black youth or care about them!
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Program Details

6:30 PM, Opening commentary on current issues, discussion of political climate, HEALTH, impromptu guests, calls to action, your voices (you’re invited to bring to the table your thoughts, concerns, and ideas related to the current societal landscape).
6:40 PM, Mr. Kevin Porter – Author, Engineer, Educator.  Mr. Porter is a long standing child advocate, primarily serving at-risk African American males.  For over 20 years Mr. Porter has served as an educator, served as Executive Director of ‘Man Made Mentoring’ (a Black male mentoring group), and participated in numerous other mentoring programs/organizations in an effort to switch children mindset from street to embracing intellect through classroom learning and setting worthy goals. In his recent book ‘Angry Little Men: Hypermasculinity, Academic Disconnect and Mentoring African American Males’, Mr. Porter proposes solutions to many of the ill’s of this sect of our society.

In his efforts to make a difference Mr. Porter utilizes his active affiliations with many adult civic and community organizations including his fraternity and being a mason.  Mr. Porter will co-moderate this weeks program with Darryl Clark as we discuss possible solutions to the issues affecting African Americans.

6:50PM, Dr. Akil Khalfani – Change Agent, Author, Sociologist, Actor, Professor and Director of the Africana Institute at Essex County College in Newark, N.J.  Dr. Khalfani is recognized nationally for his body of work.  His first book, “The hidden Debate: The Truth Revealed About the Battle over Affirmative Action in South Africa and the United States”, was nominated for two national awards: the Oliver Cromwell Cox Award and the American Sociological Association’s Distinguished Book Award.

We will have a discussion of possible solutions to the issues affecting African Americans, considering the recent affront on African American men, women, and children all across the country and the general and specific responses to it (including the recent killing of police).  Additionally, we will reflect back with Dr. Khalfani on all the widely publicized killing and murdering of African American civilians at the hands of police.  We will include education, employment, and social issues impacting this problem.

For any sect of our society to fall out [or behind] in mass is an affront on the entire society.  This critical thinker and activist will enlighten you (and encourage you) in ways you may not have imagined.  Don’t miss this opportunity (especially if you are an educator, care about, or influence youth) to enhance your loved ones lives through knowledge and wisdom.  You’re encouraged to join in this discussion!

Catch us and our special guest as PNW gets into, by some standards, controversial issues and lays the framework for new perspectives and positive change.  Remember, as always, “this news is for you by you”…but it doesn’t stop there.  Your input is important.  “It’s news that can be acted upon.”

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Beginning tomorrow, this and all prior programs over the last year are in the archives (by date & topic) at: www.blogtalkradio.com/renford
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