The Benefits of Metaphysical Studies

The Benefits of Metaphysical Studies

There are two key words of great importance to keep in mind when it comes to the process Self-discovery or the embracing of a spiritual discipline. They are “intent” and “expectation”. What should your “intent” and “expectation” be with regard to such a study?

If your intent is to increase your understanding of the world and the primary forces affecting you and if above all you expect to know the inner being that has brought you to this point and place in time – you can expect this program of study to help create this opportunity.

You will be able to identify and verify each of the Universal Principles in your life experiences. Furthermore, as you operate from a position of knowing, you will become aware of whether writers, speakers, television personalities and even long dead philosophers are speaking from a position of knowing or whether they are simply repeating their learned traditions.

The primary benefits of a true understanding of the Universal Laws, which is the heart of metaphysical studies, can be listed but will have little impact without your personal process of identification and verification. I will, however, list them as I have come to know them. This study will:

• change your sense of who you are and what you are here for.

• make you aware of the absolute unity of all and the soul destroying doctrines of duality taught in most religions.

• change your perspective so substantially as to make you feel you have removed yourself from your current place in the world.

• make you aware of the pure potentiality you possess and its source within you. You will learn how to access this power in a constructive manner.

• transform your faith based acceptance of heaven and earth to a knowing verified by your conscious life experiences and eventually your intuitive knowing.

• become aware of the unlimited nature of the abundance from which you can draw in your process of creation.

• learn how to attract the kind of experiences you require in your process of evolution and unfoldment.

• give you a sense of connection of all to all and your part in this relationship of action to reaction.
• learn how to come into harmony with the Universal Laws that underwrite our existence.

• experience the process of evolution and unfoldment – the creative process for which you have come into this cycle of life.

• enhance your understanding and desire to give of yourself, your time and your wealth. This benefits you in your career, business and private life.

• learn that your primary purpose is the process of your own evolution and unfoldment. This does not indicate selfishness as one cannot realize this purpose without giving of one’s self.

• bring into proper use the benefits and power of love and the destruction of fear based thinking.

This study provides you with the basic training for life. To the extent that you gain understanding of the Laws is the extent to which you can be of service to others. This is the most important education you could possibly hope to find. These are the lessons of the Great Masters stripped of cancerous religious dogma created by those who came after them and that has been allowed to run amuck. There will be no new doctrine or dogma for you to adhere to. This is a study of Self and its relation to the whole. This study can attract even those who are non-believers in anything other than what can be seen, tasted, touched, smelled or put into the bank. It can attract people who would never be attracted to a religious organization. Even the most loving religious group cannot attract all the spiritually disenfranchised. Why? It is because the damage has been done largely by well meaning religious bodies, which have in their creeds encased spirit in concrete.

This study connects the dots for those who are seriously involved in metaphysical studies. Every Law relates to the other 12 and the power is in knowing this. Many organizations bring a wide variety of teachers and lessons to their membership and though they are good and beneficial, the connection escapes them. You will become grounded for the process of creation in this dimension as well as opening to the intuitive inner being on the eternal process. Thought creates form but if we are too carried away with our spirituality, too ethereal in our thinking, we cannot create on this vibratory level. It is not enough to recognize metaphysical principles or to intellectually understand the Universal Laws. It is about applying what you have come to understand intellectually or intuitively in the continuing the process of creation. It is about sharing this knowledge because if we are not continuously giving we cannot be expanding our vessel for receiving.

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