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The services of IAMPress are primarily for first time authors and include pre-publication consultation, production and distribution of their books.  We re-publish books no longer in print or that must be cleaned up for publication.  We will also develop the marketing and distribution program for those who have produced a book but have not been able to develop the market.   


The strongest promoter of the book will be the author and we assist in this effort.  The most important service we offer to new authors is fundamental to their success as well as ours.  It is the critical consulting that will allow authors to make informed decisions about their manuscript, their book production as well as their distribution system.  When an author contracts with IAMPress, a whole team of specialists go to work.  Questions are asked and answered about the publishing business, the particular book to be produced and the methods and means of distribution. 


We strongly urge authors to initially produce and maintain control of their work.  This is usually referred to as self-publishing, but the author does not do this work.  It is not literally self-publishing but rather self-funding.  The consultation, book production as well as the marketing and distribution are provided by IAMPress.  We are the consultants, production managers and distribution agents for the book.  The author or backer is the funding agent. 


The publishing business has changed drastically with the advent of the computer, the internet and print demand services.  Independent “Print Demand” services as well as “Print Demand” divisions of publishing houses and book distribution companies have helped change the face of the publishing business.  IAMPress utilizes “Print Demand” companies in the marketing and distribution process but counsel authors that there are drawbacks to dependence on their book production services.  Authors may find it difficult to deal with the canned packages of these companies.  In some cases the editing process is awkward and the rules established by these companies to keep their costs low make it difficult for authors.  We know that authors must have a level of expertise with the computer, with editing, with proofing, with formatting, with book cover design and with the internet in order to affectively use these services.  We deliver a finished product to the “Print Demand” companies for the purpose of distribution and fulfillment and leave nothing to chance. 


“Print Demand” companies make it possible for a book to be available worldwide with fulfillment within a few days of the order being placed.  We also manage small scale print runs for inventory in support of speaking engagements and book signings.  The initial print-runs are usually for 100 – 250 books and provide a further opportunity to find any mistakes that may have slipped through.  These are copies that may be used for gifts, distribution networks and speaking engagements. 


IAMPress has a track record of producing quality books.  The company was originally created for the express purpose of developing and publishing The Renford Books, a multiple volume metaphysical, three level – course of study. Valuable experience for new authors was gained and is being shared.  IAMPress will consult with authors anywhere and on virtually any kind of book.  Our books are sold through bookstores, the Internet, seminars and publication advertising as well as direct mail. Every effective method of marketing and distribution can be utilized. 



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