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(LEVEL 3) The Philosophy of Applied Metaphysics  


Anagoge is the interpretation of a text (such as scripture) that finds beyond the literal, allegorical and moral senses, a fourth and ultimate spiritual or mystical sense.  This Anagogical study parallels, among others, the ancient Sumerian cuneiform text, the Hebrew tradition, ancient Sanskrit texts, as well as the Chinese tradition.  It is a look at the Biblical texts in relation to these traditions and includes references to modern technology in relation to ancient texts.


Courses and Book List


1) The Philosophy of Applied Metaphysics Workbook by Renford 


This workbook contains 9 essays with lesson questions.  It also includes all of the multiple choice questions for the texts in this level.


2) The Mysteries Revealed by Renford 


Though many consider the Book of Revelation simply to be a book of riddles, there are some who teach a religion of fear based upon it.  The Mysteries Revealed is a metaphysical interpretation of the Apocalypse of John – the revelation of Jesus.  The book of Revelation is a roadmap to Self-unfoldment.  It is the mysteries revealed.


3) The Core Teachings  by Renford


The thirteen Universal Laws, as taught by the Great Masters, are identified in this book.  The emphasis is on how their teachings were alike as opposed to how they were different.  Readers and students can see for themselves how the original teachings parallel each other.  In the process, what has been added can be identified.  To some degree there is an introduction to the Universal Laws in virtually all of the Renford Books, but in The Universal Laws there is a more in depth study of the Laws.


4) The Father Confusors by Renford 


This is a study of ancient scripture and the parallels that can be seen in related stories.  It is the second phase of the study program and builds on the lessons learned from The Universal Laws.  Once the Universal Laws are understood, at least on a basic level, The Father Confusors helps differentiate between Universal Being, God, and entities that were thought to be God or posed as God.  The First Cause, The Creative Force we call Universal Being, is identified through the Divine Self-expression, the Universal Laws.


5) The Metaphysical Bible by Renford 


Some of the sections of this book can be found in various Renford writings, but here, they are all together and in an easily understandable order.  Popular and familiar passages such as Isaiah 55, the Lord’s Prayer, the 23rd Psalm and others are revealed in a different light. With all due respect to theologians and philosophers, the deeper and clearer picture of what was being said is recorded for your study.


6) What Now? Essays by Renford 


This book is a series of essays by Renford on a variety of subjects of contemporary interest.  Although the subject matter is of present day concern, the power and harmony that can be gained by understanding of the ancient teaching of Universal Laws are brought into play.  This book shows us why things have developed as we have come to accept them.  With understanding of the Laws we can see what is missing.


7) The Seven Rays by Ernest Wood 


The Seven Rays was written by Earnest Wood and published as a Quest Book by The Theosophical Publishing House in 1925. The basic concept of this course is that all things and beings in the world, all forms of mind and matter, arose from combinations of seven fundamental impulses.  It follows that in each individual we will find one or more of these rays predominant.  The student will be able to connect this knowledge clearly with relation to the fields of knowledge and the Universal Laws.

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