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(LEVEL 1) Universal Law Society (ULS)  


This study specifically pertains to the Universal Laws for human evolution and unfoldment.These are the central truths originating with Universal Being and revealed by the Great Masters.The course of study and the books emphasize that the Universal Truths taught by the Great Masters are essentially the same because they are the very Laws of Life. 


Book List


1)The ULS Workbook by Renford 


The ULS Workbook contains 9 essays introductory to the three levels of the Institute with true – false lesson questions.It also includes all of the multiple choice lesson questions for each of the 7 courses in the first level.


2)The Searcher’s Roadmap by Renford 


TheSearcher’s Roadmapis an introduction to the Universal Laws, the Institute of Applied Metaphysics and the Renford Books. 


3)The Rules of the Gameby Renford 


The Rules of the Game is a small book that introduces the Universal Laws in the simplest manner possible.  It is not an in-depth study, but provides a basis for understanding of the Laws and the Renford Books.  It is analogous to the game of football and the quotes illustrate that even on the simplest everyday matters of life, the Universal Laws are in play.


4) The House That Namuh Built by Renford 


The creation of meaningful allegories, in fact, the writing of allegories, is an art form that some think is disappearing.  When you find a good allegory expressing a Universal Principle, it can have a powerful affect on your life.  The House That Namuh Built is about first a man, and then a whole people who begin on the path of Self-discovery.  Again, it is about the Universal Laws, the invariant facts of life, upon which we can base our understanding for Self-discovery.


5)In Search of Selfby Renford 


This is a book of prose and poetry that parallels the other books in the study of the Universal Laws.  One of these Laws states that to truly understand anything one must experience it personally.  In Search of Self is the rendering of the Laws in a different way to allow the opportunity for the thoughts of Renford to trigger memories of how the Laws have been in play in your life experiences.

6) The River of Life by Renford 


Primarily written in verse, this book speaks of the eternal nature of being.  Starting the clock on the nature of being with physical birth essentially denies the word eternal except in terms of an eternal reward or punishment.  This book points to the fact that the word eternal means without beginning or end.


7) The COR Document by Renford 


This book was written to explain the unusual structure of the Church of Revelation. The principle behind this structure is central to the process of evolution and unfoldment that the book has been included in the first level.  The Church of Revelation has no mandate to propagate itself.  It does not seek membership from the general public but has the focused mission of supporting graduates of the 3 levels of the Institute of Applied Metaphysics.

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